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Katerina Seda (selected by Marketa Uhlirova), There's Nothing There
May 24, 2003, Mixed-media

Excerpt of "Rules of the Game" from There's Nothing There:

1. There is no limit to the number of players. Recommended age 0–200.
2. All players start to play at the same time.
3. All players do the same thing for the duration of the game.
4. No one is allowed to spoil the game.
5. No one can be eliminated from the game.
6. No one wins and no one loses.
7. All players finish at the same time.

Since becoming a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Czech Republic in 1999, Katerina Seda has staged interventions into the life around her she identifies as “normality”. These experiments have taken place in small villages near Brno, her home environment, as well as in the urban setting of her second home Prague. Based on rigorous research into behaviour and communication patterns in both art and non-art communities, Seda has developed some poignant sociology-driven themes and spun around the truisms about production, consumption and meaning of contemporary art.

Her past projects include The First Rally of Sunday Painters (Lisen near Brno, 2002), Quiet, Please: I’m Painting (Charles Bridge, Prague, 2003) and Bringing up a Child, 2004. For her latest project Convertor (Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, 2005) Seda invited a “grey jury” composed from 8 members of her Sedy family (“sedy/a” in Czech translates as “grey”), none of whom had been educated in art, and asked them to probe, comment on and join in on the discussions about the art work submitted by graduating students.

Seda has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, including Dum Umeni, Brno (2003) and Prague Biennale 2 (2005). She is holder of the Tranzit Award (2004), Essl Award (2005) and is now shortlisted for the prestigious Jindrich Chalupecky Prize awarded annually to Czech contemporary artists. She is currently artist in residence in Bern, Switzerland.